Fantastic start to the 2019 #COIL project

What a fantastic start to the 2019 #COIL project hosted by our Department of Communication and the Amsterdam University of Applied Science.

24 students, two lecturers, the head of program for Marketing & Sales and a very inspiring young entrepreneur arrived in Vienna on Wednesday and the real-client project was kicked off with ice-breaker fun, excellent presentations by the English-taught cohort of the BA program of Corporate Communication (2nd semester) to introduce Austrian cultural considerations and insights about the category and channel in Austria. Then Huub, CEO of the young company Klepper & Klepper @DeBesteDropOoit presented his brief to the students.  The finest licorice of them all!  Really!

On Thursday morning the students were venturing out into the streets of Vienna to get some more local market insights. Good luck!

#internationalisation #coil