Business Field Project with Smart City Wien: Communication concepts for more sustainability in the city

Gaining practical communication experience by enhancing the sustainability mindset in the city you are studying in? That possibility came true for the 3rd semester students of the English-taught cohort of the Bachelor’s Program in Corporate Communication when Smart City Wien was introduced to them as their client/partner for their Business Field Project.

The students had the task to show that a greater awareness about sustainability issues and a change in behavior are necessary but also beneficial, for the environment and the citizens. Over the semester, the groups worked continuously on ideas, designs and concepts. As a result the team of Smart City Wien was more than satisfied with their diverse, well-planned and professional campaigns.

With COVID-19 the students faced some additional challenges and had to forgo the final presentation in the Wiener city hall and instead shift to an online platform. Nevertheless, the presentations were a huge success and showed the level of professionalism and adaptability the students had already obtained in their previous courses.

A big thanks to IBES and Daniela Ortiz who instigated the project and guided the students at the onset with her expertise in this area and to the whole team at Smart City Wien for trusting us with their campaign!